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The Portrait Experience

 Vanessa is a portrait photographer. Her style of photography gives her clients a contemporary look and a magazine photo shoot experience. Your portrait session is designed to celebrate your life, your business, your loved ones. It is an exclusive time, complete with professional makeup and styling. Bring different outfits or borrow from our studio wardrobe. We design the portrait session you want and dream of. Our final work is custom-made and delivered in great quality products.



The first thing we do is to schedule a conversation. We can do this over the phone, you can come to the studio or we can set a video call. We’ll ask about what’s on your mind and what kind of photo session you are looking for.

We can talk about the style you prefer, clothes, makeup, location, how you would like to be photographed, where the images will be used and what’s the best final product for you.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have all that figured out yet. This consultation is just our first conversation.

Then we can help you design your session, book your dates, try your outfits, get professional makeup and hair styling, pose you through the whole photoshoot and select the images you love.



Let’s set your dates.

We suggest trying your outfits before your photo session. We’ll help you select your outfits and have everything ready for the day of your session. After the photoshoot, we also set your ordering appointment day.

Our studio is open from Monday to Saturday. Sessions by appointment only.


Photo shoot

Your photoshoot day usually starts by getting pampered with professional makeup and hair styling. Then we proceed to the full photo session helping you pose, changing outfits, studio set ups and lighting. We can do up different outfit changes and help you bring your loved ones into this session.


Ordering session

The day you see your beautiful photographs. We usually set this around 2 weeks after your photo session.

Bring those who were photographed with you. This is mostly a happy moment to share. Seeing your photographs is powerful and it can change the way you see yourself.

During this appointment, we will help you view and select the images you love. You can choose the best final product, which can be folio collection, a gallery series or single images.

All our images come with their digital version and rights to print as well.


Final product

We offer a variety of folio box collections, gallery series, wall portraits and single images. All purchased photographs come with their digital version and rights to use and print.

We make sure your photos and final products are made exclusively for you.

Design Your Photo Session

Ever dreamed of being like the girl in the magazine?

Elegant and feminine in the studio…?

A family session to create images that will last forever…?

Your Personal Branding – All about who you are and what you do…?

Let’s start designing your photo session now!

Meet the Photographer

The woman behind the camera

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    Vanessa Wozcniaki


Hello, I’m Vanessa Wozcniaki and I’m a portrait photographer. I’m also a mother of a beautiful baby girl and a wife to her handsome dad. Born in Brazil, I grew up in a photography studio, but it wasn’t until after I graduated in advertising school that I started my own photography projects.

I love fashion, beauty, contemporary portrait and the “Vanity Fair” style. I draw inspiration from the works of great modern artists and I will guide you through the whole photo shoot.

Some people wish to be photographed, but worry they’re not photogenic enough.. now I believe there’s no such a thing! When people light up in front of the camera it’s because they feel comfortable. It has nothing to do with a photogenic gift you were given. It has everything to do with how comfortable you are in front of the camera. And that is my job. You have to trust that I can see it. I know what beautiful looks like and I can capture it.


Photo Sessions

Portrait sessions are exclusively designed for each client. Birthday girl, best friends, mamas-to-be, couture kids, mother and daughters, family and generations, dancers and musicians. Personal branding, visual content marketing and headshots for business professionals.


Let’s talk outfits before your session.


Already included in your session fee.


Posing guidance throughout the session.


Your photo reveal and ordering appointment.


Our in-house post production.


Studio or on location

"Vanessa made me feel very special and very natural at the same time."

Clients Love

  • Testimonial #02 Vera
  • Testimonial #01 Silvia
  • Testimonial #05 Mara
  • Testimonial #07 Iona
  • Testimonial #04 Cristiane
  • Testimonial #06 Carola
  • Testimonial #03 Camila

A photo shoot is always a good idea, but with Vanessa the experience becomes even more beautiful! Thank you for your professionalism and friendliness that made me feel very special and very natural at the same time.

Vera / Designer & Makeup Artist

I wanted these pictures to honour my child and the beautiful love I feel growing in me day after day for my family.

Silvia / Maternity Client

If you need a fashion photographer, Vanessa is the person you are looking for. If you want to look beautiful like in the cover of Vanity Fair or if you work in the field of fashion, she knows what to do! Give her a few details, some ideas and she will give you a perfect picture of what you want. She is lovely, professional and so talented!

Mara / Intuitive and Creative Coach

I had a wonderful day during my personal branding photoshoot! Vanessa is warm and calm and makes you feel at ease. She manages to capture your soul during the session which is so important when you want to be truthful to your branding!

Dr Iona Bramati-Castellarin / Director of IBC Care

I never imagined I could see myself that way! Usually when we look at our normal photographs, we only see our flaws... It is amazing the ability that a professional has to show you the best version of yourself! Both personal use and personal branding photos were delightful!

Cristiane / Marketing Manager

There are moments when that beautiful aspect of you is hiding between the lines - and then there are wonderful people who can find the light that shines in your eyes simply with a click... A special thanks to Vanessa, the sweet and professional photographer who knows how to put you at ease in any pose. And another one to Vanessa, the special friend who knows how to capture emotions in a photograph, beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Carola / Contemporary Portrait

Vanessa makes sure to guide you in posing, always adapting to what you can do. Whenever she invites me to a session I feel very happy and excited. I love a photo shoot with her!

Camila / Makeup Artist
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